Cardinal to receive UCF financial aid

The University of California, San Francisco, has been granted $5 million in aid by the Cardinal Financial Aid Program to help defray the costs of providing financial assistance to UCF’s financial aid and undergraduate financial aid programs.

The $5.9 million is the second consecutive year UCF has received this amount, which was first awarded in 2013.

The university is also receiving $3 million in non-monetary aid to help cover the costs for its undergraduate student financial aid.

“We are pleased to have the support of Cardinal Financial Assistance Program (CFPAP), a nonprofit organization that helps underrepresented populations,” UCF President Robert Hirsch said in a statement.

“This additional support helps our students and their families who are currently facing financial hardships as they prepare for their future.”CFPAPD, founded in 1993 by Cardinal Robert H. Mahony III, is the largest nonprofit financial aid program in the nation and the largest in the United States, according to its website.

The CFPAPD program offers grants and scholarships to students in need.

“This year, UCF will be one of the first universities to receive this additional financial assistance,” UC Fares Director Robert J. Stahl said.

“We look forward to seeing our students again on campus in the fall.”UCF has long been an active proponent of financial aid to underserved populations.

In January, the university announced a partnership with UCF Foundation to provide financial aid for low-income students through UCF scholarships.

That initiative was expanded to the UCF Financial Aid Council, which includes all university departments, including undergraduate and graduate, and offers additional financial aid as well as career and technical education scholarships.

The UCF Graduate School of Business is also an active advocate for financial aid in higher education.

It has funded more than $1.2 billion in scholarships for undergraduates, according the College Board, and has helped over 6,500 students obtain a degree in the last four years.

Development Is Supported By

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