Financial planning guide for Westlake students

A financial planning guide from Westlake Financial Services.

The guide includes topics like investing, tax, credit and student loans.

This article was originally published on the New South Wales Department of Finance website.

More from New South, Business and Markets, Business news, banking, banking source Google Home title Banking for your new job article New South Bank will be offering a bank account to new graduates to help them access finance for the start of their careers.

The account is designed to be flexible, with the option to withdraw cash for personal use.

The bank will also provide them with financial counselling to help get them on the right track.

New South will be open for business on Monday September 4.

BusinessDesk has contacted the bank for comment.

More about banking, finance, banking jobs, jobs, bank, bank of New South article Financial planners from West Coast Financial have teamed up with financial advisors and employers to create a banking product.

West Coast is the first of its kind to offer a bank-backed financial product that is designed for those who want to start with a small account but need to establish a larger one.

The product offers an investment account and a savings account, but no investment or savings accounts.

Instead, the user will be able to open a bank deposit account and make investments.

For those who are struggling with managing a bank balance, it will also offer a ‘Money Management Account’.

For those that have had bank account problems, it also allows for a ‘Account Management Account’ and a ‘Funds Management Account’, which will allow users to manage their money on their behalf.

Westlake Finance said it is working with a number of financial advisors across the state to create the product, with some already offering the service.

“We want to make sure the users understand what they are getting into, and that they are able to get on track in the future,” said Westlake’s Chief Financial Officer, Nick Lattimer.

“It will allow them to get up to speed quickly.”

The bank said it will work with the student financial advisers on the new product, so students can use their accounts as they progress through their careers, so they can better understand their options and choose the best option for them.

For more financial advice, see the New Zealand Bureau of Statistics Financial Information section.

The West Coast product is free to use, and is available to those who have a NSW ID.

The service is currently available on Mac and Windows computers.

A new West Coast bank account is available at West Coast’s online banking website.

The first account opened is for a student who will start in December 2019.

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