Financialization is real but Germany isn’t doing enough

July 18, 2021 0 Comments

German finance is the focus of a new report that examines how financialization is taking hold in the country.

The report by the German Federal Institute of Financial Studies and the German Centre for Economic Research (BEE) looks at the impact of the financialization boom on Germany and examines the challenges that it poses to the country’s economic growth.

The BEE says that the German economy is now experiencing “a boom in the production and transmission of financial products, including in the financial sector.”

The study found that financial products account for an estimated 6 percent of the German GDP, which has increased by more than 14 percent in the past five years.

The BEE notes that the economic growth is also being driven by financial products.

The study says that Germany’s financial sector has become a key component of the economy.

According to the report, the financial services industry has contributed to Germany’s rapid economic growth over the past decade.

Financial services firms are now making significant inroads into both public and private sectors, particularly in the healthcare sector, which accounts for around 15 percent of GDP.

The financial services sector is also expected to become a dominant component of Germany’s economy in the future, the report says.

The Financial Services Association of Germany, an association of more than 10,000 financial services companies, was among the participants in the report.

The association’s president, Dieter Reichert, told the newspaper Bild am Sonntag that the financial market is one of the most important aspects of the countrys economic growth, adding that the increase in financial services firms in the last five years has been “largely driven by the expansion of the sector.”

Reichers told Bild am Sondern that the association has been working with other financial services and banking groups to prepare the country for a new financial era.

The association has also set up a national investment fund that aims to invest in the sector.

The institute, which is also responsible for the national financial planning policy, also said that financial institutions are a crucial component of economic growth in Germany.

It said that the increased use of financial instruments and the use of intermediaries have contributed to a significant rise in financial intermediation activity.

According the report’s authors, Germany is now facing a financial crisis in the wake of the global financial crisis.

It added that the country has also experienced a “bust in the housing market” and a “recession in the banking sector.”

According to Reichers report, Germany’s debt burden is expected to grow to over 200 percent of its GDP by 2020, and the country is facing a significant risk of economic collapse.

According to the German Finance Ministry, Germany has a total debt of 1,400 billion euros.

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