How to use the UCI Financial Aid calculator for 2018

August 3, 2021 0 Comments

Lincoln Financial Group, one of the world’s largest financial aid companies, has updated its Financial Aid Calculator to include more financial aid information for 2018.

The updated calculator will be available to customers on Jan. 17. 

Lincoln Financial Group said it has “been monitoring the U.S. and international financial markets” and expects the U-curve to remain “in place for at least the next year.” 

“Financial aid has always been important to Lincoln Financial as we work to meet our clients’ financial needs,” said Lincoln Financial President and CEO Jim Doolittle in a statement.

The updated U-Line is the first U-Series of Lincoln Financial’s calculators. “

Our U-Curve is in place for 2019 and we are very pleased with our progress.” 

The updated U-Line is the first U-Series of Lincoln Financial’s calculators.

Previously, Lincoln Financial was known as the UIC Financial Assistance Group, a division of UIC, Inc. It’s a partnership between the Lincoln Financial family of companies, Lincoln Group Holdings Inc., and the UIA Group of companies. 

The UIC financial assistance group has been in existence since the late 1990s and is focused on helping U.I. graduates find work and achieve their educational goals. 

“Our U.

Line has been a great partner and we look forward to working with the UIR group to continue to make UIC’s financial assistance programs accessible to U. I. graduates,” Doolitt said in a release. 

This is the second year Lincoln Financial has updated the calculator.

In 2018, the company launched a new calculator for U-series students. 

For more U.C.

I news, check out our UCI news blog, UCI:U.

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