James Bailey Financier Who Found Banker Who Found £500K Heist Says He’ll Be ‘Very Grateful’

James Baileys Financiere says he’ll be ‘very grateful’ if anyone can find his missing money, despite being in custody.

The former bank chief who ran a firm with more than £500,000 worth of client assets has now revealed he has been ‘pushing’ for £500k of the £750,000 missing money from the company he ran.

In a post on Facebook, James Bailes said he would ‘take it all back’ and thanked the public for their support.

He said: “This is the last time I’m going to talk about the money I’ve lost.

I’ve got my money back, but the money that was stolen from me is just too much.

I’ll take it all down. “

This was all stolen from the people who I loved.

I’ll take it all down.

I can’t believe that the people I worked with who are still in the business have lost so much money to this.”

The 51-year-old said he had been pushing for the money since July last year.

He said: I’m in a bit of a bind.

I’m not allowed to go to work and it’s almost impossible for me to be on my feet at the moment.

“But I’ve tried to keep my head down and to focus on my business.

I need the money for my business, my family and for my daughter.”

I’m not going to take it for granted.

“Bailey’s son, James Baily, is the man who found the money, while the firm’s managing director, James Bailey, was arrested in October on suspicion of receiving stolen property.

He has since been bailed to face further charges.

A spokesman for West Mercia Police said: We can confirm that the arrest of James Bailey in West Mercias court has been confirmed.

We are appealing for anyone with information on this matter to contact West Mercian Police via 101.

West Mercia police said the case against Bailey was adjourned until July 20.

Bailey was arrested at his home in Southport on September 28 and appeared in court on October 12.

He was bailed and was remanded in custody to face an interview in court in July.

He is due to return to court on August 20.

James Bailey was arrested on September 27 and bailed to appear in court again in August.

He is due back in court for an interview on October 14.

A statement from West Mercians Police said that the matter was adjournd to July 20 as part of the bail process.

It said: The matter is currently being considered by West Mercie Police, who are conducting a full investigation into the matters.

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