What is the Financial Markets?

What is a financial markets?According to the Financial Services and Markets Association (FASMA), financial markets are markets that provide a “mechanism for investors to exchange information and information services among

How to watch the first episode of Survivor: Tocantins

You’ve probably seen the title and title card for episode 1 of Survivor, and you’ve probably thought to yourself, “Wait, that’s a huge title card, what’s that about?”Well, if you’re

What is the UCF Financial Aid policy and why is it changing?

UCF’s new Financial Aid Policy has been announced as of February 1st 2018.The new policy is a major step towards improving the UCI’s financial aid policies.The new policy states that

Why you should consider using a crypto-currency for your bank account

A reader asked me what I thought about the current financial crisis.My response was: “I think that cryptocurrency will help a lot.”That was back in 2013 when I first started

Why the Senate’s financial center bill is a joke

The Senate’s version of a massive new financial center is a laughing stock.It is so unpopular that even Republican senators who supported it in committee are calling it a “fraud.”And

How to earn a $1,000 salary with UMD’s $1 million financial aid scholarship

UMD has teamed up with financial aid to offer a $10,000 scholarship to help students earn a college degree in just a few years.According to UMD President and CEO Dr.

What you need to know about Wells Fargo’s new financial adviser program

Wells Fargo is adding a financial adviser to its financial products and services, a move that could significantly reduce the number of people using the credit bureau’s platform to manage

EFCU CEO Says He Will Not Reopen After Losing $1 Billion

EFCUs stock is up nearly 1,000% this year, which is the fastest pace in the S&P 500’s 100-year history.That is a record for a stock.The company’s stock has more than

How to spend $5,000 in less than two months to get a better return on your investment

Financial advice and savings strategies can be tricky to grasp, and sometimes the best advice comes from someone who knows the industry better than you do.But here are 10 things

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